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Stow Bardolph Pest Control Services

Why to choose our services?

Firstly, we cover Stow Bardolph and surrounding areas for all Pest Control needs.

Listed below is some common reasons why customers choose LocalRatCatcher.

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Fast Service

We team of professional pest controllers work around the clock, 7-days a week, and aim to service our customers based in Stow Bardolph within the hour.

Track Record

We have years of experience in providing professional and reliable pest control services to our customers in Stow Bardolph and across the UK.

Competitive Prices

We provide a quality and professional services yet pride ourselves on having affordable and competitive prices. Contact us for a free and no obligation quotation.

Quality Service

We provide a quality and professional services and guarantee all of our work. So you can book our services and have peace of mind.


We cover Stow Bardolph and surrounding areas. 

We offer full pest control, including those listed below

Ant Pest Control

Bed Bug Treatment

Bird Pest Control

Cockroach Pest Control

Flea Treatment

Fly Control Services

Mice Control in Stow Bardolph

Stow Bardolph Rat Control

Rodent Control

Snake Control

Silverfish Control


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Say Goodbye To Pests

Localratcatcher has been providing homeowners and businesses with quality pest control services of over 10 years, so no matter where pests may be lurking, you can count on us to do the job right, first time.


The Pest Threat

Pests are more than annoying; they can pose a serious health risk to your health and property. Our extensive training and advanced technology focuses on attacking any pests already in your home and breaking the pets life-cycle to help control unwanted invaders in the future.


Customised Protection

Not all pest problems are the same and not all homes or businesses require the same type of pest control treatment. We are highly trained to identify and treat the root of your particular pest problem. If pests return between scheduled visits, we can supply you with an effective treatment plan. Upon a thorough inspection, we will create a customised treatment plan that effectively targets your problem, both internally and externally and using industry-leading treatments we will keep your home or business pest free.


Cheap Pest Control

Cost should always be be compared to potential damage of the infestation problem you are facing. But we understand your distress and the need for cheap pest control services. We have pest control experts available across the UK and are able to deal with any commercial or domestic problem without delays so we can offer cheap and low-cost pest control without compromising on quality or safety!


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Have a pest control problem but dread what the cost might be? Or maybe you are paying too much for pest control services essential to your business?

Then contact us today for free advice, free surveys and competitive quotations, no obligations! So do not worry, we know how to help  and your satisfaction is our guarantee.


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Stow Bardolph Woodworm Treatment

Depending on the species involved, woodworm infestation is generally controlled with insecticides. However, some woodworm conditions, such as those caused by the waney edge borer (Ernobius mollis), require no treatment at all because the insect will have been killed in the preparation of the wood.[4] Only active infestations require treatment, so it is important to ascertain whether an infestation is still active before treatment is carried out.[3] It is also advisable to investigate and solve possible dampness issues, as dry wood is not usually affected, and wood that remains damp may be reinfected at a later date.

Electrical insect killers, which attract and kill adult beetles before they can breed, may be used along with conventional chemical treatments to kill adult beetles before they can breed, but the effectiveness of such an approach is unknown.

Freezing treatments are quite effective but are costly, take two to three weeks to work and may cause damage. Low-oxygen treatment is also effective but is costly and very time-consuming, taking as long as eight weeks to treat the problem.

Get Professional Woodworm Treatment from us. Have you been made aware of woodworm activity in your property? If you’ve noticed a woodworm problem then you’ll need to remove it urgently in order to limit further infestations.


Stow Bardolph Rat Control

Think you may have a problem? Look out for these common signs listed below.

Rats usually come out at night, keep an eye out for tell tale signs like these.

  • Rat droppings �” Rat droppings, approx size of a grain of rice. These can be easy to spot.
  • Bite marks �” Again, easy to spot. Look out for bite marks on anything from wood to concrete.
  • Movement �” Rats are nocturnal, you may hear them moving around in the evening or even during the night.

Check for rats via this method.

Footprints, If you suspect you have rats, you can test by sprinkling some flour and checking the next day for footprints in the flour.

How do we eradicate rats?

  • Specialist surveys, where our specialists will carry out a detailed survey to identify the areas the rats are in your home or business and where they could be getting in.
  • Eradication, where we can choose from a selection of rat eradication techniques, from traps to poisons.
  • Proofing, where we block any access points with the appropriate materials to ensure rats can no longer re-enter the property.

We have the Expertise to Handle Your Rat Infestation. It is important to get help to remove a rat invasion from your Stow Bardolph home. Rats are not only a huge health hazard through carrying a variety of diseases, but can destroy electrical wires, potentially causing a fire hazard as well. If you’ve noticed these warning signs then you’ll need professional help from our rat control team to protect your home from the rodent invasion!


General Rat Catcher Info:

A rat-catcher is a person who practices rat-catching as a professional form of pest control.

Keeping the rat population under control was practiced in Europe to prevent the spread of diseases, most notoriously the Black Plague, and to prevent damage to food supplies.

In modern developed countries, such a professional is otherwise known as a pest control operative or pest exterminator.



Stow Bardolph Mice Control

Mice Removal & Control

Whether you live in Manchester, London, Birmingham or any town in the UK like Stow Bardolph, you’re at risk of suffering an invasion of mice.

Although they’re cuter than their rat cousins, they can cause just as many problems within a home, both health and damage-related. Additionally, if you have a phobia of mice, you won’t be any more comfortable sharing your home with them than you would be with a rat problem.

If you suspect you have even a single mouse living in your property, you should take steps to identify the extent of the infestation before removing it.

When you’ve heard or seen evidence of mice in your property, our mice pest control services are the best in your local area for great results. Mice can cause an extraordinary amount of damage to your property, from eating through your wire or food to being a hazard to your health. Enjoy some of the lowest rates around and get the job done to perfection by our mouse exterminators in Stow Bardolph.

Got a mice problem in your Stow Bardolph home?

Get in touch today for a free pest control quote.



Stow Bardolph Flea Infestation

Common signs of fleas

How do you know if you have fleas in your Stow Bardolph home or business?

  • Bites �” fleas bite humans and pets to feed on blood so they can lay eggs.
  • Pets scratching �” fleas will often make a home in the fur of your dog or cat, causing them discomfort.
  • Sightings �” fleas are very small (approx. 1mm), but sometimes can be seen, particularly when a property is empty.

How we rid your Flea Problem

There are two techniques for removal. One is a chemical spray or fumigation treatment and the other is a heat treatment.

Both are extremely effective and guaranteed, however the heat treatment gives guaranteed eradication in the same day. For more information on this service please go to our dedicated insect heat treatment page here.

The chemical treatment involves spraying or fogging activity areas with a strong residual chemical.




General Info (Source, Wiki)

Pest control is the regulation or management of a species defined as a pest, a member of the animal kingdom that impacts adversely on human activities. The human response depends on the importance of the damage done and will range from tolerance, through deterrence and management, to attempts to completely eradicate the pest. Pest control measures may be performed as part of an integrated pest management strategy.

In agriculture, pests are kept at bay by cultural, chemical and biological means. Ploughing and cultivation of the soil before sowing mitigate the pest burden and there is a modern trend to limit the use of pesticides as far as possible. This can be achieved by monitoring the crop, only applying insecticides when necessary, and by growing varieties and crops which are resistant to pests. Where possible, biological means are used, encouraging the natural enemies of the pests and introducing suitable predators or parasites.


In homes and urban environments, the pests are the rodents, birds, insects and other organisms that share the habitat with humans, and that feed on and spoil possessions. Control of these pests is attempted through exclusion, repulsion, physical removal or chemical means. Alternatively, various methods of biological control can be used including sterilisation programmes.


Common Reasons To Contact Pest Control Experts In Stow Bardolph

Bed Bugs
Bird Netting
Bird Proofing
Bird Scarers
Carpet Beetles
Clothes Moth
Cluster Fly
Garden Moles
Pigeon Control
Pigeon Spikes
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